Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari 2015

With the 2016 Tierra Del Sol right around the corner, it’s a great time to remember the fun times and great images from last year…

This weekend was the 53rd Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari; another kick-butt weekend of hitting the desert trails with our JK-Forum Jeep friends and others!  This year the weather was insanely nice and warm, bringing out the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen at TDS.  Definitely made for some nutty clusters of off-roaders everywhere, but still enough wide open land to just make your own trail and get away.  The TDS club stepped up by matching dollars earned during the Saturday raffle to double the help for the 4 Wheel to Heal group.  Sweet!

Below are some sample images, and to see the entire gallery of hi-resolution original photos, you can simply follow this link or click here:

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The link will bring you to the SmugMug page with many options to purchase prints, wall art, framed images, photo books, keep-sakes, and more. If it is a password protected gallery and you do not have access, please contact me so I know you are part of the event!