Help! How do I buy photo prints???

Here’s a useful summary to help you easily buy your favorite photo prints (and other goodies) from my site!

  • First, each photo gallery is posted with its own “Post Page” that usually includes interesting details or possibly an entire story about the event.  You can find these Post Pages by checking the “Recent Posts” links on the right-hand side-bar, or there’s a handy Recent Posts menu on the TOP of the site you can click to see a nice list:

Help image 1

  • Once on a Post Page, you can CLICK the Shopping link button like this:

Help image 3

  • CLICK the “BUY PHOTOS” button like this to see a selection of photos you can buy and choose sizes, quantities, etc.:

Help image 2

  • Or, you can simply CLICK any photo to get a good view, then click the “BUY” button on the bottom corner:

Help image 4

  • Finally, choose from a great selection of options such as “Wall Art”, “Paper Prints”, or “Keepsakes”:

Help image 5