Portfolio • Astrophotography

Astrophotography is a very specialized type of image capture, recording images that are often not seen by the naked eye.  You’re often gazing to the skies looking for astronomical objects and vast areas above.  Sometimes you’ll start with snapping photos of the moon, the sun, a sunset or sunrise, maybe a distant star of planet coming into view of the Earth.  The possibility of grabbing photons flying from lightyears away to snag that magical moment of a distant galaxy, nebulae, asteroid, meteor, or comet is a blast.

Admittedly, half the excitement is the entire experience of planning the exact spot on our planet, watching the calendar and researching the movement of objects in our solar system, and then camping out armed with camera and lens to await that time when light pollution is gone and the magic can begin.  The fact that our own Milky-Way is just floating up above our atmosphere surrounding us, waiting to be seen as you’ll find in some of these examples, is remarkable and humbling.

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