Frame Road Block Party 2016

Frame Road Block Party 2016 0798-3

Wow, what a beautiful day for a summertime party in Poway!  No blazing hot scorcher, just a pleasant 80-degrees with a light breeze and blue skies.  This August our entire neighborhood got together again to organize a party; The 9th Annual Frame Road Block Party!   Complete with City of Poway permit to barricade the street from 10am-10pm, and a street empty of all vehicles and trailers.  Well, except for that ONE family that must have missed the memo and left a car parked on the street while out of town (haha, we made sure to make proper fun of them!).

We’ve gotten so good at this that we don’t need 8+ meetings to hash out plans; just a couple get-togethers and we get the important pieces to make for a fun day.  Of course, the Queen of Frame Road (Michelle) and her King (Troy) are the chief organizers that take charge and make these events possible with their dedication and focus.  Their special efforts are what make this such an awesome day for every one of our friends, family, and neighbors.  And if Michelle is the Queen, I’m sure John would carry the title of Knight for all he offers to pull off a successful event.

How cool is this; a huge inflatable water-slide, games and events at various homes, a safe street for kids (and adults!) to cruise all day on bikes, skateboards, scooters, and more, and a water-ballon toss competition (that QUICKLY turns into an all-out water-war between cross-the-street rival teams).  Food, popcorn, slushies, ice-cream, and snacks to share with everyone and a YUMMY offering from John of BBQ’d pulled-pork sandwiches with onion rings!  Add some music pumping all day on 900-watt loudspeakers, and two live bands!  We had the “Gen-X Band”, a three-girl and one-boy all kid band ages just 10-13 jamming through all kinds of classics and pop tunes.  What a talented and entertaining group!!  We had the Christopher Dale Trio playing some good ole rock and easy-listening tunes for the crowd (and then that Sesame Street cover….  haha).

Squeeze in some Summer Olympics action on the big-screens, a cookie-contest, and a raffle for folks to win some unique prizes and it sure is a fun day!  I highly recommend anyone to put forth the efforts to arrange something like this on your street; such a cool way to get to know your neighbors and build friendships you will cherish for a long time…

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