DJI Mavic Pro arrives!

After having waited over 3-months for the “early” pre-release of the newest drone from maker DJI, the Mavic Pro, I finally have it in my hands!  DJI has famously slipped far behind production with the Mavic drawing huge demand.  With a sophisticated device like this, crammed with immense technology, it will take some time to properly maneuver and operate it.  So, I begin with sharing some video samples of my first test flights with little to no training and poor conditions, and some others where I’ve been stretching my wings out.

This first clip was captured late at night beyond dusk, with very little lighting, but allowed me to “get my feet wet” with the controls.  Online compression also reduces quality, but I’ll find optimum ways to resolve all this soon.  But hey, I didn’t crash, so that’s a plus!

The second video below is from the Rolling Hills Ranch in Poway, where Lynn and Flame were my “volunteers” to take some daylight video.

The third video is a teaser video of some of the King of the Hammers action from a recent trip to Johnson Valley to catch the race.

The fourth video I’ve whipped up shows a walkthrough of our new upcoming Kontron building on Waples Street.

Lot’s to learn with this thing!

>>DJI Mavic 1st Flights sample (1080p)

>>Lynn and Flame at Rolling Hills (1080p)

>>King of the Hammers 2017 (1080p)

>>Kontron building on Waples Street