Portfolio • Architecture

Architecture surrounds us every day, encompassing everything from old shacks to new skyscrapers, a bridge spanning a valley, or roof line poking into the clouds.  From a simple composition of a geometric shape, an unusual angle, or a straightforward view showing the natural beauty of a man-made building, I always find it exciting to use my perspective to inject some flare, pick a unique way to frame the scene, and create a stunning piece of art.

If you need someone with keen senses and the ability to plan the lighting (usually that big ball of gas we call the Sun), you’ve found the guy!  I could share thousands of photos I’ve taken over the years, and will likely dig up some that help illustrate the lines and tight shapes and ornate decorative details I’ve found, and for now you can review some of these in the Portfolio to get a taste of what’s possible.  Many more will be available through the “Buy Now!” area as Galleries of Stock Photos, if that’s what you’re in to.