Moab – Easter Jeep Safari 2015

Moab Utah – A Jeepers paradise…

…With an upcoming trip to Moab 2016 right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to review and relive the adventure from last year…

On Monday, OR-Fab hosted an exclusive trip through Hell’s Revenge for all our hell er thrill seeking members. It’s easy to see why Hell’s Revenge is one of the more popular trails in the Moab landscape. Scenic vistas of the La Salle Mountains and Colorado River highlight this spectacular trail. The crew over at OR-Fab, known for being hard core off-road enthusiast, build and wheel their products on the trail so it seemed like a natural fit to have them lead us on this trail that’s as tough as you want to make it. By-passes allow you to do the same trail as the hard core members while enjoying the awesome scenery that makes this a favorite trail for off road enthusiast frequenting Moab. I can’t think of a better way to launch our Moab EJS week than to hit a challenging & equally beautiful trail!

Tuesday, Jeep Trail Guide Legends Dan and Richard Mick of Dan Mick’s Jeep Tours lead us on a trip through the beautiful 7 Mile Rim. We didn’t want to miss this experience with the Mick’s leading a narrated tour, Dan provides history of the trail, landmarks, and points of interest. KrawlZone will be joining us on the run, filming footage for an upcoming 12-episode show on, Moab Rocks! With Dan and Richard Mick!

We stopped at some amazing points of interests like the Merrimac Butte for photo ops and an incredible lunch provided by Northridge4x4 (shrimp + chicken tacos, and shaved-ice, can you believe it?!). We were even able to coax TeraFlex Joe into providing home-made Root Beer to quench our thirsts.

Wednesday the JK-Forum and Rebel Off Road teamed up again and put on another awesome event filled with great wheeling, great food, and even greater company! The -Wheel til’ You Drop- event was held Wednesday at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. We met up at the entrance to the world famous Area BFE, and headed out to the trails with 25 JK-Forum members who made the signup list. We had an absolutely fantastic time with everybody out there, and even though there was a flop, we got the issue handled in such a fast and effective manner thanks to many of you for helping with the recovery.

Thursday was filled with some of us escaping the hard-core off-road trails for a leisurely cruise through Arches National Park for some hiking and views of the breathtaking scenery of some of the most amazing geological formations on Earth!

Friday plans were quickly changed to accommodate a new day of wheeling and hitting trails for Frank+Brenda and gang to finally see some action (their Jeep was down nearly all week, with a supercharger-failure). The day consisted of a trek with the Nor-Cal JK-Forum guys through the best of Poison Spyder, Golden Spike, and a new trail; Where Eagles Soar! Wow, what a way to top off the week! It wasn’t easy cramming three off-road trails into one day, and it was made much more challenging when JK-Thang decided to bite us one more time with a blown PSC steering line that side-lined us for a few hours. Took some time to fix, but all worked out even though it made for a VERY long unplanned evening of wrenching in the cold mountains…

The trip home was planned to include a trip over Highway 163 through the famous Monument Valley and Grand Canyon down to Laughlin and -the back way- home through the desert. Needless to say, photo-ops galore!!

It takes a week+ to recover from from a trip as epic as this, but so worth it! Can’t wait to plan my next trip to Moab…

Below are some sample images, and to see the entire gallery of hi-resolution original photos, you can simply follow this link or click here: Photography Shop SmugMug

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