King of the Hammers 2017
Airsoft with Brittaney and James 3-12-2017
Moab 2015 – Video Part II
King of the Hammers 2016
Oktoberfest at German-American Society 2015
GAMGA Gala – The Bluebirds Band
King of the Hammers – 2015
Roey’s hair and nails
GAMGA German-American Karneval Las Vegas January 2016
Extreme Barbie Jeep Race at King of the Hammers 2016!


OpenSign OPEN for business! has always been a place where you could stroll in and find yourself browsing around for quite some time, getting immersed in a plethora of amazing images.  Now, this place has been renovated and expanded to be far more dynamic and chock-full of interesting things.

The unique perspective of TomSlik to capture life’s moments is here for you to see. With the ability to connect, share, and easily purchase some of these masterpieces for your house, garage, or anywhere else, it really opens up some possibilities!

There are a number of portfolios showcasing some featured photos from various diverse photoshoots.  All photos displayed in these portfolios and throughout the site are entirely created and developed by TomSlik.  You can follow the “Hire Me!” link to get something booked, or to immediately purchase any of the Public Stock Photos from one of the many Galleries, head to the “Buy Now!” link.  The TomSlik store is now open!  There’s also a Client Private and Custom Gallery section where personal password protected albums are located for photoshoots, private events, customer folders of images to share with just certain folks to see and buy.  Check the “INFO” page to review some of the most common questions and curiosities, and find our Terms and Conditions, Model-Release-Forms, and other bits. lens only 288